The Long-Lost Settlement of Cargard

or "How Marvolo saved the day"

Extract from Marvolos personal journal:

Eyre 17, Y183, somewhere in the sewers below Cargard:

The sewer seemed to carry on into the distance, but before long we found stairs leading up to what we would later discover to be the long lost settlement of Cargard.

As we explored the ruined city, we were beset by undead. First a group of zombies and later The Great Monster, we dispatched both with minimal trouble, thanks mainly to my growing pyromantic abilities. In fact, I have grown so confident of my own power, that for the fight against the hulking brute I deliberately missed with several spells, so as to give the rest of the group practice for the tougher monsters which lay ahead.

We found magical items of great power near the tomb of a long dead warrior, but none were of great importance. We also found a water source, corrupted by necrotic energy from the Shadowfell, surely the source of power for a necromancer. We pressed on cautiously, we were now certain we must find this necromancer and stop him.

After much searching, we found the mayor Aiden Lorvas, dead, a failed experiment of the evil necromancer Kravenghast. We knew we were getting close, and indeed we found the necromancer a few rooms away. Already weakened by the flesh golem, this was our toughest test, but we defeated the vile necromancer and his undead minions.

With Kravenghast dead, we found a series of notes in his study, written in barely legible scrawl. They detailed a series of rumours about a long-lost settlement, abandoned after a crossing into the Shadowfell appeared. The origin of the crossing is unknown, and the writer spent several pages speculating on the possibilities, but he noted that he wasn’t the first to channel its power. How Kravenghast traced the rumours to Cargard isn’t explained, but several mentions of an unnamed contact at the Great Library in Pinecrest suggest Kravenghast had some help finding this place.

Most of the notes contain observations on the crossing. It appears to remain active only for several hours at a time, and the frequency of its activations had no discernible pattern. Kravenghast planned on using it to increase his power, and had already begun to tap the Shadowfell water source for its necromantic potential. Several writings also indicate a local group of bandits was hired to obtain subjects for experimentation, and that the mayor was paid off with gold and promises of power to ensure that the necromancer’s work would go unnoticed. The top-most papers contain references to a local group of ‘meddlers’ (that would be us), and Kravenghast’s intentions to remove Lorvas and take over Eastholm by force.

In need of a rest and with much to think about, we headed back to Eastholm before darkfall.

Eyre 18, Y183, back in Eastholm:

We returned to Eastholm to find the village a much different place from when we arrived one week ago. The news of the death of the much-disliked mayor was greeted with little sorrow, but Lorvas’ right-hand man and leader of the militia Tarm was nowhere to be found, his belongings and horse missing.

An expedition back into Cargard Forest turned up another section of the ruined complex, almost cut off by cave-ins and encroaching forest. Signs of recent habitation abounded, and several letters found amongst items left behind in a hurry proved this area must have been the hideout of Kravenghast’s bandits. The bandits themselves though, were long gone.

The day also heralded the long-awaited arrival of Ander Riverswell, travelling merchant. His monthly visits are said to bring luxury goods and rare items for those with money, among other things, there is an interesting ritual that I am hoping he may have in stock.



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