The Vulgar Unicorn

VulgarUnicorn The Vulgar Unicorn is a well established tavern in the Dock Ward of Pinecrest. It is also well known that there is a brothel in the upper floors of the building.

It is run by an old halfling by the name of Nebin Onethumb but strictly aimed at human clientèle. However this doesn’t mean that all of the girls are human.

Kids, the inevitable side effect of any such business, are “raised” communally but mainly left to roam wild. When old enough they are expected to help in the tavern (i.e. kitchens and cleaning) or to bring in money through other means (e.g. pickpocketing the drunk patrons once they’ve left the Unicorn).

Later those girls who haven’t yet found an alternative source of work, marriage being the most common, join the oldest of professions on the upper floors. At this point the male offspring are mostly kicked out with the exception of anyone who is sufficiently big and strong to work as a bouncer. After all there is nothing more loyal and frightening then a brother who thinks you have mistreated one of his sisters.

The Vulgar Unicorn

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