Port Silver

Port Silver, the wealthy, bustling, crossroads port city, is the cosmopolitan trading heart of its continent.

Self-governing and fiercely independent, yet lacking a standing army, Port Silver is the largest, wealthiest, and most socially prominent of the Windrise Ports (the independent cities on the southern shores of the Dragon Sea). Only Imdolphyn dares to declare itself “the equal of Port Silver,” and not even the richest Imdarm merchant- lords truly believe that boast.

Port Silver has around 40,000 permanent residents, and it hosts a constantly changing population of many more short-term visitors as ships dock or sail, caravans arrive or depart, and a steady stream of peddlers, traders, and seekers-after-fortune pass through its gates. Of old, the city was rightly called “Port Silver Great Port” since it rivals Pinecrest in wealth, mercantile ventures, tolerance, variety among citizens and outlanders, and constantly unfolding opportunities.

Port Silver is not a welcoming home to those who favor stability over change, or who trust in traditions and “old ways.” Each new month brings changes in fashions, ways of making things or doing business, and new faces rising to the center of attention in society, or seizing real power among investors and traders.

The most striking sight in Port Silver is the Raging Flame (the “Tongue of Fire” in more formal speech), a hundred-foot-tall pillar of tireless flames that burns constantly, in a cylinder that holds its shape even in gales, without fuel. Sailors use it as a beacon in the darkness or bad weather, since its light shines out to sea straight through the open (navigable) heart of the harbor. To locals, it’s something “old, fell, and magical” that’s “always been there,” defying all attempts to extinguish it and seeming to know and strike out at persons who try (spitting gouts of flame for hundreds of feet that appear aimed at specific persons or buildings).

Rhogar is a native of Port Silver, having being spawned and brought up in the Dragonborn precinct of the city.

Port Silver

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