House Rules

Minor additions to the standard rules:

The Zeroth Rule:

This is really just a restatement, but the DM makes the final call, even if it goes against the standard rules!

Damage Assessment:

Minor action: Characters who make a heal check can get a relative feel for how damaged a particular opponent is. The heal check does not work on undead, non-corporeal, angelic/demonic or gelatinous enemies. One successful Heal check will get the approximate health of an enemy within sight, although the ‘bloodied’ status of a monster will always be known.


Don’t worry, I don’t believe in critical fumbles, or the possibility of hurting yourself or your companions with a bad roll. However, there is a penalty to be paid for rolling a natural 1. If you have a power that allows you to do some damage, even with a miss, that is negated by a natural roll of 1. If the power grants some beneficial effect to you or your companions even with a miss, however, you still get that.

Talk is cheap:

The favorite house rule of all monologuing villains. You can say pretty much as much as you want during your turn of “in-character” speech and not lose any of your actions. within reason


This is not so much of a rule as a clarification. Non sentient powers and effects you conjure or control cannot be used to flank and enemy. Thus, a flaming sphere, or Bigby’s grasping hand, or conjured golem, or whatever, do not count as an ally for flanking purposes. Aww shucks you say? In the description of the flanking rules are the key terms “character” and even more damning “ability to make opportunity attacks.” Dems the rules.

House Rules

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