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  • Copperhold

    A small dwarven excavation site, owned by the [[Khazad Dhur]] clan and overseen by [[:62729 | Kavalar Coppernight]]. The site was recently taken by a white wyrmling, but was liberated by our band of heroes. Copperhold is currently unoccupied while …

  • Khazad Dhur

    A small dwarven clan in the [[Nine Peaks]], they have ownership of [[Copperhold | Copperhold]] and keep a small diplomatic mission in [[Eastholm]] by way of [[:62581 | Diesa Shieldborn]], owner of the [[Sly Goat | Sly Goat]].

  • Nine Peaks

    These mountains mark the northern and eastern borders of South Aeiron. Despite being home to white dragons and other dangerous creatures, they are mined for iron, precious metal, and gems. A pair of steep crags known as the Fangs guards the Trade Way …

  • The Wailing Dwarf

    An enormous vertical slab of rock 4,000 feet high in the northern portion of the [[Nine Peaks]] is carved to resemble a dwarf. Named because of the noise of the wind blowing through its hollow eyes, ears, and mouth, it marks the site of an abandoned …