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  • Eastholm

    A small village with several hundred residents, Eastholm is primarily a farming community, with only one tavern, the [[Sly Goat]]. Senior citizens within the community are the mayor, [[:62577 | Aiden Lorvas]] and the local priest, [[:62578 | Orest Larbie …

  • Unnamed Forest

    Not far South of [[Eastholm]], the Unnamed Forest is rumoured to be haunted. Smart villagers don't visit it and children are warned away from it. The reason for its name is unknown. Several centuries ago there was a small settlement inside the forest, …

  • Copperhold

    A small dwarven excavation site, owned by the [[Khazad Dhur]] clan and overseen by [[:62729 | Kavalar Coppernight]]. The site was recently taken by a white wyrmling, but was liberated by our band of heroes. Copperhold is currently unoccupied while …

  • Cargard

    An old, ruined, long-lost settlement inside the Unnamed Forest, now known as [[Unnamed Forest | Cargard Forest]]. Previously base of operations for the necromancer [[:72430 | Kravenghast]], this complex contains an intermittent underwater connection to …

  • Aiden Lorvas

    Aiden Lorvas had been mayor of Eastholm for almost four years. Appointed by the Council of Pinecrest to replace the previous corrupt mayor, he was seen by some of the village residents to be almost as bad as the last one. Lorvas was found dead, a …

  • Orest Larbie

    Eastholm's resident priest, Orest is a devout follower of Pelor. He is strongly opinionated, but knows little about the outside world beyond what he can read in his books. He has one son,

  • Thom Larbie

    Orest's son. Wildly imaginative and easily excitable. Wants to be an adventurer one day; he claims to have already seen bandits!

  • Tarm

    All other militia members in Eastholm being farmers most of the time, Tarm is the only full-time member and leader of the militia. Arriving with Mayor Lorvas

  • Diesa Shieldborn

    Owner of the Sly Fox, Diesa comes from the local dwarven clan in the Nine Peaks, the Khazad Dhur. She serves drinks and meals with a smile, and is well-liked by all the villagers.

  • Haander Riverswell

    Haander is the local store owner, and can supply standard adventuring supplies for a reasonable price. For more expensive and obscure items, it is better to wait for the travelling merchant, Haander's brother

    Alain Hamforth

    Dead for little more than half a year, his empty grave has recently been discovered to be containing the source for an undead uprising.