Tag: Jones' Pass


  • Stormcrow Company

    Illugi Swordbreaker, the Emerald Warlock, and Agera of the Shadow Face led a mercenary group called Stormcrow Company. Each had a storied adventuring background before they joined their strengths, but those stories are as nothing compared to the tales of …

  • Jones' Pass

    A small town built from the ruins of a larger city, Jones' Pass is the crossroads of the Nentir Vale, centre of Southern Aeiron. With the rise of the empire of [[Nerath]] four centuries ago, human settlers moved into the wild lands of the Nentir. A …

  • Stormcrow Tor

    Lair of the [[Stormcrow Company | Stormcrow Company]], rumoured to reside a few days outside of [[Jones' Pass | Jones' Pass]].