Having moved into Cargard and come to an ‘agreement’ with Aiden Lorvas, Kravenghast had been experimenting with necromantic forces for most of a year. Hiring bandits to acquire experimental subjects for him, he was confident that he was powerful enough to take control of Eastholm, before being put to an end by a band of intrepid explorers.

Kravenghast’s Private Notes:
These papers are written in barely legible scrawl by the necromancer Kravenghast. They detail a series of rumours about a long-lost settlement, abandoned after a crossing into the Shadowfell appeared. The origin of the crossing is unknown, and Kravenghast spends several pages speculating on the possibilities, but he notes that he isn’t the first to channel it, citing the established water pipes in the complex. How Kravenghast traced the rumours to Cargard isn’t explained, but several mentions of a unnamed contact at the Great Library in Pinecrest suggest Kravenghast didn’t work alone.

Most of the notes contain observations on the crossing into the Shadowfell. It appears to remain active only for several hours at a time, and the frequency of its activations had no discernible pattern. Kravenghast planned on using it to increase his power, and had already begun to tap the Shadowfell water source for its necromantic potential. Several writings also indicate a local group of bandits was hired to obtain subjects for experimentation, and that the mayor was paid off with gold and promises of power to ensure that the necromancer’s work would go unnoticed. The top-most papers contain references to a local group of ‘meddlers’, and Kravenghast’s intentions to remove Lorvas and take over Eastholm by force.


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