Demons & Drinks

Eyre 20, Y183. Eastholm:

The gang (now known locally as Marvolo’s Adventurers) decide to travel with Ander Riverswell and Nicholas Wolfwood to Jones’ Pass. The final night in the village sees much drinking, story telling and even an impromptu javelin competition between Rhogar and Ander’s hired dragonborn Arcz and Krast of the Thundertooth Clan. Dakun spent a little time investigating Tarm’s old house, coming to the conclusion that Tarm’s departure was planned for some time, and finding an old Watch badge.

Marvolo’s Adventurers learn a little about Wolfy over the next few days between Eastholm and Jones’ Pass, but their peaceful travels are rudely disturbed by a team of demons: Evistros led by a Bloodseep demon. The fight is one of the toughest yet, both Arcz and Rhogar almost meet their maker before the demons are eliminated.

The 26th sees Marvolo’s Adventurers arrive in Jones’ Pass. From here Wolfwood will continue on to Pinecrest, Ander will buy and sell his wares a little while before continuing to Pinecrest also.



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