The story so far

Eyre 12, Y183. Eastholm:

Our intrepid heroes arrive one-by-one to the small village of Eastholm to answer Mayor Lorvas’ call for help. The small dwarven excavation site Copperhold has gone silent, and the militia men sent to investigate have not returned. For a sizeable fee, and with a base of operations established at the Sly Goat, the heroes agree to find out what is going on.

The next day sees the heroes retake Copperhold from a band of kobolds led by a young white wyrmling with dreams of conquest. Several dwarfs and the militia men are freed. While the others return to Eastholm for their reward, Rhogar pursues a kobold escapee into the Wildlands and is waylaid by a nomadic ranger intent on killing him and retaining his possessions. Needless to say, Rhogar triumphed.

Eyre 14, Y183. Eastholm:

Before Rhogar returns to Eastholm, Mayor Lorvas asks the band of heroes to deal with a kruthik infestation near a local hermit’s cave before they become a menace to the village. Finding the hermit already dead and zombified, the kruthik are exterminated. A bandit ambush led by a doppelganger on the way back yields a strange ring attributed to the dark god Vecna, but one halfing bandit escapes into the forest. Back in town, our heroes spot a similar Vecna symbol in Lorvas’ treasure chest. Pointed questions are asked without success; the mayor claims ignorance and refuses to reopen the chest. Sensing hidden secrets, the heroes stake out the mayor’s building overnight.

In the night, Lorvas is observed using a Sending Scroll by Marvolo, but the conversation and other participant remain a mystery. Ekadamon later enters the house and sets off a trap on the mayor’s treasure chest, paralysing him for some time before he exits the building with great haste. Later in the night the Sly Goat is raided by several skeletons, one of them on fire! Marvolo Gimlet and Ekadamun hold off the monsters in time for Rhogar to return from the Wildlands and help defeat them. Dakun remains in a drunken stupor in his room throughout.



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