Save Lorvas!

...or not?

Eyre 17, Y183. Eastholm:

The heroes decide to speak to Tarm and tell him about Mayor Lorvas’ abduction at the hands of the Great Monster. He offers meagre supplies and the use of a couple of horses and a pony to help them rescue the mayor, and warns that word will get out if they choose not to help.

In the morning, Rhogar is found paralysed in his bed: both Ekadamun and Marvolo recall ancient lore about rare occurrences of dragonborn racked with prophetic visions so powerful it could leave them crippled. Rhogar has had visions before, but none that could be called ‘prophetic’. The heroes left Rhogar in the safe hands of Orest and journeyed towards the Unnamed Forest, following the tracks left by the Monster.

After 8 hours of travelling, the heroes followed the tracks into an overgrown sewage tunnel inside the forest. Inside they were attacked by Gray Oozes and a Deathrattle Viper, whereupon Marvolo discovered an increase in his pyromantic abilities, and Dakun found a set of magical leather armour.

Notable moments:
Sam: “Do I take ongoing fire damage?”
Ioan: “Do you want to take ongoing fire damage?”
Sam: “Ok!” Gimlet’s beard catches on fire



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