Kobolds Die Hard 2: Kobolds Die Harder

Some people have got to be careful about monster suggestions.

Eyre 16, Y183. Eastholm:

In the morning after the flaming skeleton incident, the local priest Orest asks our heroes to check the village graveyard for signs of trouble. He offers his excitable son Thom to take them there. After a long and uneventful journey during which Thom asks many questions about heroism and adventuring and offers his own accounts of bandit hideouts, the heroes determine the graveyard to be safe, and the origin of the undead due to a Vecna disc found in an empty grave titled

Here lies
Alain Hamforth.
Born Amer Y150.
Died Chime 3 Y182.

The heroes return to the mayor’s building to demand money and are rebuffed at the door by militia men. Apparently there was a break-in at Lorvas’ house last night. Rebuffed, our heroes look into Hamforth’s background, but find nothing incriminating. He was found dead outside of the village and the militia determined the cause to be kobold-based. Orest and others claimed his grave was then robbed shortly after the burial.

The heroes return another time to Lorvas’ house, giving wine to the doormen and lying in wait for an opportune moment to enter. Dakun watches from a nearby hiding place when the militia are dismissed for drunkenness by Tarm, leader of the militia. The other heroes take the opportunity to brazenly insult the leaving doormen and ask Tarm for an audience with the mayor. Mayor Lorvas sees them and tells them to see him in the morning for questions about money. Tarm shows the heroes out with the warning:

“Don’t leave town anytime soon.”

But a while later, Eastholm is beset by undead kobolds! Dakun uses the chaos to break into Lorvas’ house while the others fight them in the street. Feeling the ground shake around him, Dakun opens the door into the audience chamber just in time to see a giant brute tear through the rear wall of the building, run up the stairs and leave the way it came with Lorvas under its arm. Hit by shuriken and magic missiles, the monster escapes barely injured at a pace unmatched by any human, leaving only heavy tracks leading South towards the Unnamed Forest and a strong sickly odour. The heroes swiftly ransack the ruined building, finding a large amount of money and another Vecna symbol, before planning on what to do next…



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