Where to next?

Eyre 19, Y183. Eastholm:

The gang argue and bicker over how best to spend their ‘well’-earned money.

In the meantime Ander tells the village various tales from his travels:

  • “I’ve heard rumours that Stormcrow Tor has been found a few day’s travel from Jones’ Pass. The Tor was the base of operations for a group of vanished adventurers, the notorious Stormcrow Company.”
  • “The fortified town of Jones’ Pass sits on the main trade road between Port Silver and Pinecrest, the King’s Road. Surrounded by untamed highlands, Jones’ Pass faces many threats, among them encroaching monsters from the surrounding highlands. To reinforce its hold on the area and further secure the King’s Road against monstrous brigands, the Lord Warden of Jones’ Pass has ordered the reconstruction of a damaged tower that once kept watch over the Ogrefist hills to the west and the fens to the south. He has hired a team of dwarf stonemasons from Pinecrest.”
  • “Pinecrest has had an uneasy alliance with the woodland region of Wealdath beyond the Northern Passage for quite some time, but lately more of Pinecrest’s forces are being stationed at the Passage. The Council claims it’s to protect against the fey creatures that frequently stray from the forest, but I think something else is going on there.”
  • “With most of its forces elsewhere, Pinecrest has of late been harassed by greater and greater numbers of goblins coming down from the Nine Peaks. The goblins have been terrorising the nearby farmlands, and the people are crying out for someone to help them.”
  • “The wizards who study the Tongue of Fire in Port Silver are making claims that the pillar of flame is actually the remains of a powerful primordial from the Elemental Chaos. A group of merchants have demanded the destruction of the Tongue of Fire, but the City’s leader Dorn continues to endorse the wizards’ activities.”



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