Demons & Drinks

Eyre 20, Y183. Eastholm:

The gang (now known locally as Marvolo’s Adventurers) decide to travel with Ander Riverswell and Nicholas Wolfwood to Jones’ Pass. The final night in the village sees much drinking, story telling and even an impromptu javelin competition between Rhogar and Ander’s hired dragonborn Arcz and Krast of the Thundertooth Clan. Dakun spent a little time investigating Tarm’s old house, coming to the conclusion that Tarm’s departure was planned for some time, and finding an old Watch badge.

Marvolo’s Adventurers learn a little about Wolfy over the next few days between Eastholm and Jones’ Pass, but their peaceful travels are rudely disturbed by a team of demons: Evistros led by a Bloodseep demon. The fight is one of the toughest yet, both Arcz and Rhogar almost meet their maker before the demons are eliminated.

The 26th sees Marvolo’s Adventurers arrive in Jones’ Pass. From here Wolfwood will continue on to Pinecrest, Ander will buy and sell his wares a little while before continuing to Pinecrest also.

Where to next?

Eyre 19, Y183. Eastholm:

The gang argue and bicker over how best to spend their ‘well’-earned money.

In the meantime Ander tells the village various tales from his travels:

  • “I’ve heard rumours that Stormcrow Tor has been found a few day’s travel from Jones’ Pass. The Tor was the base of operations for a group of vanished adventurers, the notorious Stormcrow Company.”
  • “The fortified town of Jones’ Pass sits on the main trade road between Port Silver and Pinecrest, the King’s Road. Surrounded by untamed highlands, Jones’ Pass faces many threats, among them encroaching monsters from the surrounding highlands. To reinforce its hold on the area and further secure the King’s Road against monstrous brigands, the Lord Warden of Jones’ Pass has ordered the reconstruction of a damaged tower that once kept watch over the Ogrefist hills to the west and the fens to the south. He has hired a team of dwarf stonemasons from Pinecrest.”
  • “Pinecrest has had an uneasy alliance with the woodland region of Wealdath beyond the Northern Passage for quite some time, but lately more of Pinecrest’s forces are being stationed at the Passage. The Council claims it’s to protect against the fey creatures that frequently stray from the forest, but I think something else is going on there.”
  • “With most of its forces elsewhere, Pinecrest has of late been harassed by greater and greater numbers of goblins coming down from the Nine Peaks. The goblins have been terrorising the nearby farmlands, and the people are crying out for someone to help them.”
  • “The wizards who study the Tongue of Fire in Port Silver are making claims that the pillar of flame is actually the remains of a powerful primordial from the Elemental Chaos. A group of merchants have demanded the destruction of the Tongue of Fire, but the City’s leader Dorn continues to endorse the wizards’ activities.”
The Long-Lost Settlement of Cargard
or "How Marvolo saved the day"

Extract from Marvolos personal journal:

Eyre 17, Y183, somewhere in the sewers below Cargard:

The sewer seemed to carry on into the distance, but before long we found stairs leading up to what we would later discover to be the long lost settlement of Cargard.

As we explored the ruined city, we were beset by undead. First a group of zombies and later The Great Monster, we dispatched both with minimal trouble, thanks mainly to my growing pyromantic abilities. In fact, I have grown so confident of my own power, that for the fight against the hulking brute I deliberately missed with several spells, so as to give the rest of the group practice for the tougher monsters which lay ahead.

We found magical items of great power near the tomb of a long dead warrior, but none were of great importance. We also found a water source, corrupted by necrotic energy from the Shadowfell, surely the source of power for a necromancer. We pressed on cautiously, we were now certain we must find this necromancer and stop him.

After much searching, we found the mayor Aiden Lorvas, dead, a failed experiment of the evil necromancer Kravenghast. We knew we were getting close, and indeed we found the necromancer a few rooms away. Already weakened by the flesh golem, this was our toughest test, but we defeated the vile necromancer and his undead minions.

With Kravenghast dead, we found a series of notes in his study, written in barely legible scrawl. They detailed a series of rumours about a long-lost settlement, abandoned after a crossing into the Shadowfell appeared. The origin of the crossing is unknown, and the writer spent several pages speculating on the possibilities, but he noted that he wasn’t the first to channel its power. How Kravenghast traced the rumours to Cargard isn’t explained, but several mentions of an unnamed contact at the Great Library in Pinecrest suggest Kravenghast had some help finding this place.

Most of the notes contain observations on the crossing. It appears to remain active only for several hours at a time, and the frequency of its activations had no discernible pattern. Kravenghast planned on using it to increase his power, and had already begun to tap the Shadowfell water source for its necromantic potential. Several writings also indicate a local group of bandits was hired to obtain subjects for experimentation, and that the mayor was paid off with gold and promises of power to ensure that the necromancer’s work would go unnoticed. The top-most papers contain references to a local group of ‘meddlers’ (that would be us), and Kravenghast’s intentions to remove Lorvas and take over Eastholm by force.

In need of a rest and with much to think about, we headed back to Eastholm before darkfall.

Eyre 18, Y183, back in Eastholm:

We returned to Eastholm to find the village a much different place from when we arrived one week ago. The news of the death of the much-disliked mayor was greeted with little sorrow, but Lorvas’ right-hand man and leader of the militia Tarm was nowhere to be found, his belongings and horse missing.

An expedition back into Cargard Forest turned up another section of the ruined complex, almost cut off by cave-ins and encroaching forest. Signs of recent habitation abounded, and several letters found amongst items left behind in a hurry proved this area must have been the hideout of Kravenghast’s bandits. The bandits themselves though, were long gone.

The day also heralded the long-awaited arrival of Ander Riverswell, travelling merchant. His monthly visits are said to bring luxury goods and rare items for those with money, among other things, there is an interesting ritual that I am hoping he may have in stock.

Save Lorvas!
...or not?
Eyre 17, Y183. Eastholm:

The heroes decide to speak to Tarm and tell him about Mayor Lorvas’ abduction at the hands of the Great Monster. He offers meagre supplies and the use of a couple of horses and a pony to help them rescue the mayor, and warns that word will get out if they choose not to help.

In the morning, Rhogar is found paralysed in his bed: both Ekadamun and Marvolo recall ancient lore about rare occurrences of dragonborn racked with prophetic visions so powerful it could leave them crippled. Rhogar has had visions before, but none that could be called ‘prophetic’. The heroes left Rhogar in the safe hands of Orest and journeyed towards the Unnamed Forest, following the tracks left by the Monster.

After 8 hours of travelling, the heroes followed the tracks into an overgrown sewage tunnel inside the forest. Inside they were attacked by Gray Oozes and a Deathrattle Viper, whereupon Marvolo discovered an increase in his pyromantic abilities, and Dakun found a set of magical leather armour.

Notable moments:
Sam: “Do I take ongoing fire damage?”
Ioan: “Do you want to take ongoing fire damage?”
Sam: “Ok!” Gimlet’s beard catches on fire

Kobolds Die Hard 2: Kobolds Die Harder
Some people have got to be careful about monster suggestions.
Eyre 16, Y183. Eastholm:

In the morning after the flaming skeleton incident, the local priest Orest asks our heroes to check the village graveyard for signs of trouble. He offers his excitable son Thom to take them there. After a long and uneventful journey during which Thom asks many questions about heroism and adventuring and offers his own accounts of bandit hideouts, the heroes determine the graveyard to be safe, and the origin of the undead due to a Vecna disc found in an empty grave titled

Here lies
Alain Hamforth.
Born Amer Y150.
Died Chime 3 Y182.

The heroes return to the mayor’s building to demand money and are rebuffed at the door by militia men. Apparently there was a break-in at Lorvas’ house last night. Rebuffed, our heroes look into Hamforth’s background, but find nothing incriminating. He was found dead outside of the village and the militia determined the cause to be kobold-based. Orest and others claimed his grave was then robbed shortly after the burial.

The heroes return another time to Lorvas’ house, giving wine to the doormen and lying in wait for an opportune moment to enter. Dakun watches from a nearby hiding place when the militia are dismissed for drunkenness by Tarm, leader of the militia. The other heroes take the opportunity to brazenly insult the leaving doormen and ask Tarm for an audience with the mayor. Mayor Lorvas sees them and tells them to see him in the morning for questions about money. Tarm shows the heroes out with the warning:

“Don’t leave town anytime soon.”

But a while later, Eastholm is beset by undead kobolds! Dakun uses the chaos to break into Lorvas’ house while the others fight them in the street. Feeling the ground shake around him, Dakun opens the door into the audience chamber just in time to see a giant brute tear through the rear wall of the building, run up the stairs and leave the way it came with Lorvas under its arm. Hit by shuriken and magic missiles, the monster escapes barely injured at a pace unmatched by any human, leaving only heavy tracks leading South towards the Unnamed Forest and a strong sickly odour. The heroes swiftly ransack the ruined building, finding a large amount of money and another Vecna symbol, before planning on what to do next…

The story so far
Eyre 12, Y183. Eastholm:

Our intrepid heroes arrive one-by-one to the small village of Eastholm to answer Mayor Lorvas’ call for help. The small dwarven excavation site Copperhold has gone silent, and the militia men sent to investigate have not returned. For a sizeable fee, and with a base of operations established at the Sly Goat, the heroes agree to find out what is going on.

The next day sees the heroes retake Copperhold from a band of kobolds led by a young white wyrmling with dreams of conquest. Several dwarfs and the militia men are freed. While the others return to Eastholm for their reward, Rhogar pursues a kobold escapee into the Wildlands and is waylaid by a nomadic ranger intent on killing him and retaining his possessions. Needless to say, Rhogar triumphed.

Eyre 14, Y183. Eastholm:

Before Rhogar returns to Eastholm, Mayor Lorvas asks the band of heroes to deal with a kruthik infestation near a local hermit’s cave before they become a menace to the village. Finding the hermit already dead and zombified, the kruthik are exterminated. A bandit ambush led by a doppelganger on the way back yields a strange ring attributed to the dark god Vecna, but one halfing bandit escapes into the forest. Back in town, our heroes spot a similar Vecna symbol in Lorvas’ treasure chest. Pointed questions are asked without success; the mayor claims ignorance and refuses to reopen the chest. Sensing hidden secrets, the heroes stake out the mayor’s building overnight.

In the night, Lorvas is observed using a Sending Scroll by Marvolo, but the conversation and other participant remain a mystery. Ekadamon later enters the house and sets off a trap on the mayor’s treasure chest, paralysing him for some time before he exits the building with great haste. Later in the night the Sly Goat is raided by several skeletons, one of them on fire! Marvolo Gimlet and Ekadamun hold off the monsters in time for Rhogar to return from the Wildlands and help defeat them. Dakun remains in a drunken stupor in his room throughout.


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